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Frequently Asked Questions about Global Citizens:

Table of Contents

Why did you write this book? At twenty two and somewhat suicidal, I hitchhiked from Michigan to Mexico, and rode buses into Guatemala's killer earthquake. Along the way, I died as a good American school kid, and became a better American. That journey changed the direction of my life, and over the years I surfed along in Spanish on the tidal wave towards a Hispanic United States in one more generation. This book hopes to educate both Hispanics and Anglo Saxons about culture shock, and prepare them to acknowledge the arbitrariness of our realities, our value systems.
How did you become interested in the topic? Through shortwave radio, I heard news from around the world, and when Fidel Castro criticizes the United States, he shined a light on the inhumane aspects of our society and government policies. So this country boy wanted to see for himself.
What did you hope to accomplish by publishing your book? Open intolerant eyes to the vision of the future Hispanic American, and to all the youth denied a future.
Who is your intended readership? Curious people of all ages, especially those who can appreciate more than one real world at a time.
When did you realize you wanted to be a writer? When I saw my mother value books. We consulted our Encyclopedia Brittanica for pleasure, and talked about books a lot.
How did you research your book? I lived it, took notes and wrote it down, and the memory of the journey sparked a lifelong relationship with Latin America and the Spanish Language. Over the decades since, the more I steeped myself in Latin America, the more my ideas became both more refined and rarified.
What surprised you about the process of writing your book? The innumerable typos that sneak in. People don't want me to give it away fro free. With computers, one can edit without end, so I pushed it out of the nest and gave it to the world because of its value, and as a payback for all the world gives us.
What do you like to do when you’re not writing? Follow my curiosity, which may become impulsive collecting or research, depends on long-term outcomes.
Are you working on another book? I would like to explore New Age homicidal witches in nudist Hawaii, or decipher how Mexican Spanish creates Machos and sluts who commit infanticide, or take the pulse of that sleeping monster of a post-Fidel Cuba. For stimulation. Sometimes I dream of travel around Brazil without a care in the world.
Who inspired you? Hemingway, Mario Vargas Llosa, Fidel Castro's shortwave broadcast, Pablo Neruda, the Hoover Institute and Newt Gengrich, and a beautiful book about an intellectual's trip through South America.
What do you think readers will gain from this book? A fuller appreciation of the deep complexities of multiple realities, and a view toward the benefits of greater complexity and benefit of polyglots.
What’s your personal background? That's personal. I'd rather not go into it. To protect the innocent.
How does this book fit into the rest of your life? I hope it helps people from both the developing world, and the developed world, see the necessity to create a better quality of life for a sustainable future.
What books are you reading right now? The Bible, and I download ebooks into my PDA, to read whenever I get trapped waiting somewhere. I find classics now in public domain, and download them off the internet. An unauthorized Bush biography, Women in Love, Brothers Karamazov, Dicken's Old Curiosity Shop, son of Tarzan, An American Tragedy, Naufragios de Alvar Nunez Cabeza de Vaca, Howards End, In The South Seas By Robert Louis Stevenson, The Lost World, The Bat, Clockwork Orange, A Young Girl's Diary prefaced by Sigmund Freud, etc.
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How do I become a Global citizen?

                        Many newborn creatures, especially mammals, inherit the personality of a trusting, needy puppy, and then life kicks that Shtuff out of them.  Each culture educates people to conform to their society, and with higher and more universal education, they may attain a level that some call Self-Actualization:  a person who puts communal goals above their personal needs- an artist, a spiritually balanced person, a person who decorates and enhances their community and surroundings.  When one truly values life, liberty, and the pursuit of a common good that upholds personal happiness, that spells Altruism, that probably would extend itself into a trans-national and global Peace, Love, and Understanding.  Perhaps soon, this philosophy may, by necessity, extend to other planets, if extraterrestrials ever dare talk to us and don't use us for food. 
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Where can I find more information?

                        Deep in your heart, in your most quiet moments of complete relaxation, in the peaceful communion of friends and neighbors, in the exhilaration of exploration and discovery of new places, things, people and customs, in the revelations that learning another language brings to our understanding of the fickle truths we hold so dear.
                        When we realize that reality exists as mere thought, then we may decide to help others pull themselves upward, out of the morass of inherited traditions, personal trauma, learned behaviors, debilitating thoughts, negative relationships, and above all, self-doubt and feelings of inferiority.  Everyone deserves a second and third chance in this process called life.
                        No Zero tolerances.
                        No three strikes, you're out.
                        Everyone deserves their Human Rights as a birthright, and shoulder to shoulder, we support each other and easily find a place to cry when things don't work out.
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Why doesn’t the passive voice work anymore?

                        When something or someone threatens the status quo, a natural resistance takes hold, not just from those privileged like the ruling classes or people who work at a job they can't afford to quit, but even those at the bottom, those who suffer, will often refuse and reject the unknown over their known miseries. 
                        Use of passive voice allows us to say things like "Those who differ, will be punished" instead of "The State Police falsify evidence to throw you in jail" to hide the actions behind the verb "to be" i.e.  "will be punished".  This avoids spelling out exactly who will do what.  This hides responsibility. 
                        People like to pretend that in the past, things "were" different, which really says "I want to believe that today's complex situation defies solution."  The same ethics and moral truths existed then as now.
                        Americans will not open their eyes to the increased use and acceptance of violence and of torture, to unfair and illegal imprisonment of people at Guantanamo Bay, to the worldwide disgrace of the world-record high percentage of US citizens in US jails, to the inequities of a Superpower nation that supports both Democracy and Dictatorship only when in its own best interests to control resources and geopolitical power.  
                        They would rather convince their children to Be All You Can Be by joining the military, the one institution that remains useless until all diplomacy fails, and the dehumanized violence must begin.
                        Throughout history, military institutions engineered the majority of coups that overthrew governments around the world.  A good definition of a subversive organization.
                        Do you know what percentage of the US budget goes to the military?
                        Things "were"  simpler in the past.  People did not have access to information.  Today, many ways exist to find information, but the will to know becomes blunted by News organizations owned by six corporations that treat information as entertainment; they know you feel instinctively interested in violence, scandal, and sex, which has almost no influence on your life except to make you a couch potato- passive, fearful, and fat.
                        A real potato would feel shame.
                        You won't see the contemporary situation as parallel to the past, because the politically correct also control your public education, textbooks and teachers. People today don't want controversy or debate, they don't want to see complexities or multiple influences and layers, so they like a "dummied down" and over-simplied version of the past.  In comparison, it confuses the present lack of information, and supports their passivity.
                        Most people think Human Rights deals with torture, or murder of journalists. It also means you take an active role in government, which takes responsibility for your well-being. Do you care about your own Social Security? That's a human right you lose through passivity to an uncaring government ruled by the priviledged class of conservative Social Darwinists that see you and your family as a soon-t-be-extinct subspecies. ?
                        You could do something about it, with a more active voice...
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Who is Mark Plimsoll?

                        The self-styled philosopher / humorist Mr. Plimsoll might be a woman, one of the original Gringo Locos, who emulates the leftist Traven married to the utopian Gauguin. An easily approachable Postmodernist expatriate when not on some repetitious drunken brag to tourists, he/she practices the Zen of Total Immersion in a foreign culture to examine one's own navel. Independent wealth and fluency in Spanish finance a continual sojourn through the Americas. Plimsoll deserves a Doctorate in Latino and Wasp Behavior, with a minor in the Killer Bees of the Elitist Model of Government. Plimsoll regularly wins literary competitions, dabbles in didactic art to appease his inner radical polemicist, and enjoys memberships in various writing organizations. Plimsoll's life, continually threatened, keeps him/her on his/her toes- if I'm thinking about the right person, that is.

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What is a Global Citizen?

                        Anyone who learns enough of a foreign language or a foreign culture to suspect that their natal ethnicity's viewpoint does not represent the only valid reality. So begins the great yellow brick road- to suspect the motives of governments, and to analyze foreign relations as driven by economics and mass-media news agencies, that most often protect relations within a new class of the global elite, both investors and various degrees of virtual dictatorship. And so we ask the Wizard of Odds: What's the probability things happen by chance? How did the diamond ring become necessary in a serious relationship?
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When is the end of earth's adolescence?

                        When people stop the bullying and fighting on this watery wonderland and learn to share.  Then someday we might identify everyone's wellbeing with our own, and continue the work for the Greatest Common Good, progress, and both scientific and spiritual advancement.
                        This doesn't mean Communism, but does tend to imply that any country that feels it must fence its borders (because it uses and controls over sixty percent of global resources on a planet with almost one-hundred fifty countries) negatively influences the Universal Human Rights of almost everybody else. 
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