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"Tom Wolfe comes along and says that nobody's writing about big social themes...
nobody's Balzac anymore, nobody's writing big sprawling novels of societal concerns."

Richard Ford, interviewed by Dave Weich on

Four books, and a Multimedia CD-ROM!

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True Stories of Other Worlds, "Science Fiction"
For Those Curious About How We Got Here
And What Went Wrong...

WMD Machete: (nonfiction) The "coming of age" for a young Global Citizen looking for life on a dollar a day,

and waking up to an instantaneous 22,000 dead in an almost forgotten event.

Godless Goddess: (fiction) One man's Hawaiian vacation becomes everyman's Wiccan Nightmare.

Havana Ball:(nonfiction) Capitalist philanthropists visit the sexual paradise of a Communist Zoo

Cell U.R. "Tales from the Script": (Science Fiction) When everyone's connected, what happens when it breaks down?

Cell U.R. (Science Fiction) The Musical Audiobook Radio Drama on CD-ROM & Podcast Download
as Alternative media for the New Aliterates


        What is Quality of Life?

        Two parents working full-time, with half divorcing while their kids are in school, all to support a culture increasingly militarized because all the jobs went to cheap, almost slave laboroverseas? It's time to re-evaluate what a "developing nation" means. The current economic system relies on increased car sales, and the free wealth pumped out of the ground as oil, global warming and increased levels of carbon-dioxide ignored.

        Your life should becomea journey of discovery of values your children can inherit to create a better world, through understanding of the current one. We all need a balance between a comfortable, secure place to work and protect our family, and enough control to transform our lives, to reconnect with the modern interconnected world, find unimagined resources on our journey to understanding.

        Remember, all those "enemy nations" and ethnicities or religions we mistrust, all believe they will create a better, more secure and interesting world, for their children.

        Just like you do.

        So what's the problem?

        Can you find out with technology, "digital technologies," that offer you SmartPhones and Tablet PCs, computers as 'personal entertainment devices' that give you the freedom to entertain your worst proclivities? Will that save nature, to which we belong, and to a large extent, now must take stewardship for? Do you ever get out in the natural world?

        What if something took out all the digital devices? Read, or listen to the podcasts of, Cell U.R., our future as Human Cellphones with nanotechnology implants, and consider yourself warned...


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